My third collection of prints designed exclusively for Benartex is called Luminosity. Kaleidoscopes rely on the reflection of light rays from the mirrors. When you look into one end, your eye intercepts light that entered the opposite end and is then reflected one or more times from the mirrors. Choosing fabrics that evoke a sense of shading and transparency creates the translucent nature of a scope's interior on a quilt's flat surface.

All of these fabrics are rendered for function and personality in order to evoke the glassy, crystalline quality of a kaleidoscope.  CATHEDRAL (#870), TIFFANY (#875), and MARBLE (#872) are bilaterally symmetrical fabrics. The first two patterns have many obvious lines of symmetry, while MARBLE has two different lines running parallel to the selvedge, where the pattern on one side of the line is the mirror image of the pattern on the other side of the line. Each of these lines is repeated twice selvedge to selvedge. SHIBORI ((#871) is a directional pattern with noteworthy shading making it a brilliant choice for lattice or anywhere you need to create visual pathways that instill an element of motion.

SWIRLS (#874) is an allover pattern. Kaleidoscopically speaking, it's intended to have the kind of forgiving temperament that will make it perfect for strip piecing. Colorwise, it should be an easy fabric to blend with adjacent prima donnas. And, of course, like its more high maintenance buddies, it's crammed with an eye catching abundance of shades in order to fulfill its mission as a source of luminosity.

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Style 871
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